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If you are already familiar with the Youtube website, then 7 tips on how to post videos on Youtube will most likely not be new to you. However, if you have become acquainted with this site relatively recently, the following tips can help you succeed. Youtube – the most popular site in the world by the number of video views!

1. Short videos are sometimes better than long ones

7 tips on how to become popular on Youtube

Of course, this will depend on whether you create a video instruction. In most cases, the fast paced video will receive more views than an elongated video, which is slightly behind here and there. If you are going to place a video instruction, try to divide it into several parts.

2. The catchy title of the video

The catchy name is one of the most important magnets to your video. Make sure it is relevant to the video itself. Also helps to have humor, both in title and video. Many people just want to laugh. If they are funny, they may just want to send a link to their friends, who in turn will send it to their friends.

3. Place the video regularly

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Creating a video and posting them on a permanent basis will make your followers something to look forward to. Too much time between video releases can lead to people forgetting about you. If you have problems with fresh and new video ideas, then try to post video responses to your friends video or popular videos on Youtube.

4. Let the audience know what else you have done

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Once people start watching your video, make sure they see that you have other videos. Use the annotation feature Youtube offers in the user interface to show people your other videos. This feature adds an annotation to the watched video, and it’s a great way to advertise talent. You can also link to your video on other sites on which you are registered, and get more traffic from these sites.

5. Make sure the tags are set correctly

People apply tags to their videos when posting on Youtube to attract search engines to it. There is nothing more terrible than when you are looking for something on Youtube, and you are directed to a video that has nothing to do with a specific tag attached to it. Do not try to get more views by tricking people, and typing in popular queries instead of what’s on your video.

6. Record video in high quality

High quality video, as a rule, has a high resolution. On Youtube, the high resolution is 1280 × 720 pixels. The result of recording video in high definition is video with much better quality. The lighting behind you can also affect the quality of your video. Try using a light source located in front of you, not behind you, so that the light improves the image, rather than distorting it.

7. Use a good video camera


Your camerawork is one thing, and the poor quality of the video is completely different. You can have excellent camera skills, but if the quality is terrible, not many people will want to sit and watch this video. Many of the videos I turned off after a few seconds of viewing and it’s all due to poor quality. It is worth buying a decent camera, if you plan to post a lot of videos on Youtube.

Even if you already have popular videos on Youtube, these 7 tips on how to put videos on Youtube can throw you and other ideas. You can share these tips with your friends who are new to YouTube so that they can use them. What is the most important advice on Youtube you know, which can be useful for beginners?