How to become popular on YouTube

Spent a lot of effort to become popular on Youtube, but there is no result? We do not say that it’s easy to become popular on YouTube and to make subscribers there. This is not true. Promotion and promotion to Youtube requires perseverance, creativity, perseverance, some new technical skills, perseverance, some help from people who are already popular, perseverance and … perseverance. Promotion of YouTube can seem very difficult and tedious business, it’s impossible to think so, in any case, if you decided to spin your YouTube, as you guessed it, be persistent. Are you ready to continue? we ll, here you will find everything you need to know when promoting and promoting Youtube. If we miss anything or if you have any additional suggestions, do not forget to add them in the comments below. Good luck!

  1. Go to the YouTube Creator Hub resource and register your channel there. But first, pay attention to the main points that you need to know …
  2. Do your research to get an idea of what it is; look #PopularOnYouTube for beginners or # PopularNew.
  3. First of all, be yourself and be original; the audience wants to get to know you, as a person, in general, express your unique personality.
  4. Take care of content content, not popularity or success.
  5. Think about what can make your content different from others or better than other “YouTube Bloggers”.
  6. Get a good video editing program and practice it.
  7. Begin with short videos.
  8. Take more time to make quality content. The higher the quality of your video or content, the higher the number of views.
  9. Make at least 10 good videos, and upload them before you start promoting your channel.
  10. After you have some good videos behind your belt, concentrate on creating the most creative, fun, informative or really cool videos that will become a springboard for your “video blogging” career.
  11. If you have an interesting video, try to get noticed by the editors of YouTube; as we’ll as on Instagram, if you noticed the editors, then this is a reliable way to success.
  12. It is often not necessary to publish a video. Make new videos no more than once a week.
  13. Give people information about when a new video will appear. For example: “New video-every Thursday.”
  14. Give your videos unusual names and make a good description – this is one of the easiest ways to get more views.
  15. Offer people to subscribe to your channel is important, but you need to approach it creatively.
  16. Use the appropriate tags. Make sure they are specific and descriptive or informative. Try to stand out, do not use the same tags as others.
  17. Make sure your video screensavers really look interesting; this is one of the main reasons why people decide to watch or not watch the video.
  18. Give time to genuine contacts with the audience; reply to comments, communicate with subscribers in other social networks.
  19. Collaborate with successful YouTube video players, but do not contact them without a good idea.
  20. Be restrained; Do not rush from empty to empty, in other words, do not spray on many topics.
  21. Be patient, as progress can take 2-3 years of painstaking work before you become popular.
  22. Do not forget; YouTube is a community, and you must pay attention to other channels if you want to draw attention to your own.
  23. You do not have to rush to edit errors; mistakes make you human. YouTube is not Hollywood.
  24. Make sure your videos are light, not dark, because The dark shade depresses and makes the video boring.
  25. Cut out the boring moments from the video. People have very short attention span, when it comes to viewing online content and boring moments here are completely useless.
  26. When communicating with video bloggers, always have your point of view and defend your opinion.
  27. If there is a lot of monologue or dialogue on the video, then you can add some text or background music.
  28. Be culturally relevant; collect content that is in the trend of pop culture or news, in general, collect what people are talking about and looking for.
  29. Make your video response to some famous YouTube video; or just parody it.
  30. Visit YouTube meetings and talk to people face to face.
  31. Make sure that your channel looks professional, with an impressive background image and beautiful design.
  32. In the description of the channel do not forget to insert links to your website or profiles on social networks.
  33. Never promote your videos through spam on the channels of other videologgers with whom you did not have a relationship; people do not tolerate this.
  34. If you are not accustomed to talking to the camera, then imagine that you are talking to an old friend or relative, for example.
  35. Make a trailer for your channel, which will allow viewers to quickly get an idea of what it is.
  36. Subscribe to those who subscribed to you.
  37. Try to make the video original and stick to it, thereby you will get to highlight your personality, which will allow people to understand who you are and why it is better to subscribe to you.