How to buy youtube subscribers?

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Popularity and fame attracted people at all times. Some time after the advent of the Internet, bloggers began to appear who wrote articles on their blogs, sites, LiveJournal or even on thematic forums. Some of them became popular and, as a result, began to earn large amounts of money.

Videoblogers are, in fact, the evolution of standard blogging from text to video. The main schemes and complexities of this work have remained the same. The changes have affected the format of the information submission.

Today, to become a video blogger, it’s enough to start your channel on YouTube and start uploading the video. But, first, to achieve popularity, you need to decide on some points, namely, to schematize your steps.

Stages of reaching popularity on YouTube

The first thing to choose is the theme and genre in which you will work. If you have not decided on your niche and activities, we recommend you read the article about the most profitable topics on YouTube.

After solving this problem, we determine the video format. There are several most popular:

  • Live video.
  • Recording from the screen.

Slides with voice acting

Practice shows that it is the live video and the recording from the screen that bring the most hits and bonuses in the form of the formation of your popularity.

The next step is to create and design a channel on YouTube. To create graphic material, branding, you will need layouts and templates, you can download them on our website in the corresponding section.

So, at this stage we decided on the topic, the format and designed our channel. The next thing that needs to be done immediately after placing the video is to optimize your channel. Correctly optimizing your channel (read articles on seo – part 1 and part 2) and laying out the video at the best time, you can attract new viewers and subscribers to your channel.

The main stages have been passed, the videos start to gain views, you have a growing number of subscribers and everything is going well.

But to gain popularity and collect millions of views, you need something else. The best answer to this question is people who are already popular on Youtube. We suggest you watch a video from such video bloggers.