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Youtube star with 11 million subscribers told about in which social networks to untwist their channel and why she refused from Snapchat

Venezuelan star Jutuba Mariale Marrero has 11 million subscribers on three channels, and she shoots video in both Spanish and English.

Mariele uses many platforms to attract the audience, but she refused Snapchat in favor of Instagram Stories.

Although Marrero is very attached to her fans on Youtube, she believes that Youtube needs to work on moderation of content, and claims that the techno gigante simply does not care.

When in the summer of 2014, the star Julieuba from Venezuela, Mariale Marrero (who has more than 11 million subscribers on three channels) decided to move to the US, this had nothing to do with her career in social networks.

“It was not in my channels, it had absolutely nothing to do with it,” the 26-year-old star explained in a recent interview. “I moved because I wanted a better future for myself,” she continues, referring to political instability in her homeland.

It is interesting that Marrero moved not to Los Angeles, New York or any other media capital of the United States, but to Pittsburgh, where her husband wrote a thesis. Unexpectedly for herself, she discovered that in Pittsburgh, she had new opportunities to develop her career on Youtube.

“There’s nothing to do in Pittsburgh,” laughs Marrero, claiming that the city is cold, rainy and rather boring (although now, living in Los Angeles, she misses him). She suffered from separation from her Latin roots and needed something that could tie her to a new home. So she created an English-language channel, which already has 1,600,000 subscribers.

This channel gave Marrero a completely new audience, which for her is associated with an anecdote about two girls – a blonde and redhead – who came to her meeting with subscribers.

“What, should I not?” Laughs Marrero, remembering how the girls began to assure her that they were her faithful fans.

Another channel for another audience

Marrero explains that her three YouTube channels allow her to make completely different videos. “All my three channels have very different audiences,” she says. Her first channel in Spanish is dedicated to beauty, he is very cheerful, fervent and aimed at youth.

Her videoblog channel is herself in ordinary life, “not always happy”: it is aimed at viewers at the age of 20-30 years, like herself.

Finally, its English-language channel initially attracted a large audience of Hispanics living in the US, but now its viewer base is much broader.

Instagram is definitely better than Snapchat

The strategy of diversifying Marrero extends to other social networks, where it has a total of 18 million subscribers.

I’m on all platforms, and I love them all,” she says, adding that each publishes different content.

Here is how she describes her current situation in social networks:

  • Facebook: a lot of ridiculous posts that are worth sharing with friends.
  • Instagram: “Look how amazing I am,” she laughs and adds: the funniest thing is that her fans watch her video blog and know that her life is not glamorous at all, but at Instagram they see her and think, “Oh God, this is Gucci! “. And the brands, in her words, adore cooperation in Instagram.
  • Snapchat: “I went from there to concentrate on Insta, for a long time already.” Instagram Stories is much more effective than Snapchat, especially because there she gets much better sponsorship offers thanks to the high quality of the analytics of Instagram. The conclusion of Marrero confirms the results of a study conducted by Cowen: 96% of advertising buyers prefer Instagram Stories, and not Snap Ads.
  • Twitter: It’s dangerous. “You can share your thoughts there, but be careful,” she says.

Youtube needs to work hard and hire more people

As for Youtube, Marrero started his career with him, and she is proud of her stellar status on the platform.

According to Marrero, viewers think about the stars of Youtube, that they all dream of becoming actors. “But I completely disagree. I love my work. I want to control everything. I’m doing the editing myself, I’m working very fast. ”

However, she also criticizes the platform. Marrero claims that Youtube often blocks the wrong videos, punishing quite worthy content, but skipping videos that do not comply with the rules.

“Youtube does not care. I think they need to improve their work and hire more living people, “she says of content moderation. “We need someone to look with real eyes, they can afford it.”

Despite this, it was Youtube that allowed her to build a large fan community, and she attributes much of her success to communicating with them.

“I always answer,” she says. – I must communicate with them. I feel that they owe so much to … It takes a lot of time – 24 hours a day. ” Marrero adds that sometimes she lays down at three o’clock in the morning, because she answers the comments, and that her husband sometimes has a hard time.

“But I do not get tired of it. I even do not know why.”

So, Choosing a Youtube Channel Niche is really important

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We type the query “Maincraft” on Oh, horror, what’s going on! A huge number of channels and videos about Maynkraft. Tin! Who needs another one million first video about Minecraft? That’s right, no one! Maybe you should not make a channel about Minecraft, but better make a channel about frogs Montevideo)? Of course not! We need to make a channel about Minecraft, but it must be something unique. Not the same as everyone else. There must be a unique chip.

Study the channels of competitors

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