How to get views and likes?

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Today YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world. Every website owner thinks about how to optimize it for search engines. But on YouTube this is not what many think.

Imagine if your video would be in the top on the request of Katy Perry-Roar. You would receive millions of views at once. Of course, on this request you will hardly be able to do this. But we hope you understood the idea. Read the YouTube Creator’s Guide to get an overview of how to optimize your channel.


we ‘ve already decided that it’s worth publishing a lot of videos, and doing it regularly. Now it’s time to recruit an audience.

Surely, at first you will simply post your video to your VKontakte, FaceBook, Twitter account, or somewhere else. Thus, only your friends will see your videos, after which they will safely hide in the newsline.

To create a strong growing audience, you will have to come up with something more interesting. Of course, the idea initially to ask to subscribe to your channel friends and relatives, and ask them to “share” your video is not bad at all. But to move on you need to raise the level of “noise” around your channel in both the YouTube space and beyond. Here are some tips to give you a direction to action:

Make a clear call to action. Make it in the form of an annotation at the end of the video, for sure you’ve seen this on many popular channels. Ask people to subscribe. It works

Comment on the video of other musicians. So you too will attract attention, and get new subscribers

Communicate with popular bloggers who make music reviews. Or the audience of which is similar to yours. Ask them to review your album, song or clip. Someone, of course refuses, but there will also be those who agree

The same applies to music publications. With all your might try to attract their attention. It will pay off

Collaborate with other musicians (read about this below)

These are the most obvious options, we ll, even enough for a long time. You can come up with some of your ways – be open and creative, and it will work out!


This idea largely overlaps with the topic of selecting the right headlines for your videos, but we ‘ll look at it in more detail.

People use YouTube search the same way they search on Google (or Google). Most likely, they are looking much more often for “Katy Perry-Roar” or “Cover of Lorde-Royals song” than your name, or something like “Jazz on saxophone”. Accept it, and use it for your own good.

Let’s look at an example: you like Michael Jackson’s song “Beat It” and you decided to cover it (or, for example, a remix) to get your share of views and new subscribers. But for this song there are already thousands of videos with millions of views. It’s unlikely that you will be able to compete with them. They have been there for a long time, and the search engine is more likely to show them when asked “Michael Jackson’s” beat it “cover.” And there will not be many such requests today.

But if you decide to make a cover (remix, analysis or something else) of the song Katy Perry-Roar (or another, popular today) – then you will compete with the same new videos with the same number of views. And you will have a chance to gain a foothold in the TOP. And the requests here are immeasurably greater, so if you manage to get to the top, it will pay off in full.


You already did a lot of things. You already have a decent amount of video, and the number of subscribers is steadily growing. How can you accelerate at times? The answe r is: work with friends.

The equation is quite simple: The more people you work with, the more audience coverage. The more subscribers there are. So find on YouTube channels of musicians who play similar music. Make some collaborative videos. Share it yourself and ask them to share it with your friends.

When working with friendly channels, there are many methods of cross-promotion. On YouTube, there is a textbook on this subject, so we will not reinvent the wheel-just read, learn, and act!


The process of building your audience will take a lot of time and effort. we hope this little guide will help you. 1,000,000 views will not come overnight. Surely, you like a musician, have a dream – to play your music in front of a huge audience. Imagine YouTube as the “electronic version” of the big stage. Do what you like, show your talent and people will appreciate it.

You have a lot of patience! Dreams exist to come true.

Do you have any other ideas for promoting on YouTube?