How to get youtube shares?

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Youtube is a great way to make yourself known on the Internet and at the same time to make good money. How to create the YouTube channel? What is important and what is not? What to pay special attention to? What mistakes do novices allow? I have studied the experience of many Yutuba stars who earn their living only from Youtube, and I want to tell you what they say about the creation of their channel. Technically, creating the YouTube channel is not difficult at all, you’ll create your channel in 15 minutes, and how to do it, you’ll find below by clicking on this link. But the technical side of the question does not take much time. The most important thing is the other! There are several important preliminary steps that must necessarily be taken if you are guaranteed to make a popular YouTube channel.


The very first secret step to make the YouTube channel popular

First you need to understand what exactly is required of you in order to become a popular video blogger. Do you want your channel to be popular? Yes? You do not want to spend a lot of time downloading three videos and throw everything in six months? And for this, you first need to know in detail what you need to do, how much effort to invest and how long it will take. And to understand how much you can earn with this. Understand whether the game is worth the candle? And after you figure it out, you’ll have to make a very important decision in your life. About all this and what kind of decision to take, I wrote in detail in the article: “How to become a video blogger of YouTube: 51 steps to become the star of Youtube.” If you do not realize all the complexities that await you, and you do not accept this decision, you are unlikely to succeed with your channel. After making this decision, you need to decide on the topic of your channel.

Decide on the topic of your channel on Youtube

It is not difficult to create the Youtube-channel, it is much more difficult to find your niche. Therefore, the next step before you start registering your channel on is to decide on the niche and subject matter of your channel. What will your channel be about? What will you shoot your videos about? Here are a few examples of what your Youtube can be dedicated to.

YouTube Channel Topics:

  • about travel;
  • passing games;
  • about secret makeup techniques;
  • about everything, i.e. personally about you and about your life;
  • reviews of any single products (games, equipment, clothes, etc.);
  • educational videos;
  • haul – reviews of your purchases;
  • about cars;
  • about finances.

What is important to consider when choosing the Youtube channel niche? Two things are very important:

Popularity of subjects. It is important that the chosen subject matter is popular, otherwise you will not have an audience, no one will watch your videos, not because they are bad, but because it is in principle of no interest to anyone. For example, if you remove a very high-quality and interesting documentary video about what kinds of frogs exist in the city of Montevideo, then this video will not be watched.

Your passion for the topic. It is very important that you are a professional in this field or want to become one. It is important that you this topic was very interesting, otherwise you will be difficult to overcome difficulties, there will be no proper motivation. Creating a channel on Youtube, recording daily videos, promoting a channel is a huge amount of work, and if you are not keen on the topic, then quit this activity very quickly.

Algorithm for selecting subjects for the creation of the Youtube channel

Niche YouTube channel To successfully select a channel theme, you need to make two simple steps:

First make a list of topics that interest you. If you want to make a channel on Youtube, then you have to choose the theme of the channel and choose it from among those that you are very interested in. Therefore, first of all make a list of your interests and hobbies and choose the subject of your channel from this list.

Choose the most popular topic. You have compiled a list of your interests and, for example, you have two items on this list: the maincraft and the frogs of the city of Montevideo. How to evaluate which topic is more popular? With the help of the Google service This service shows how often people enter this or that request into Google search. If the query is entered often, then the topic is popular. For example, people ask for “maincraft” about 16 million times a month, and no one is asking for the “frog of the city of Montevideo”. Therefore, the Youtube channel is better done about Maynkraft, and the frogs of Montevideo are of no interest to anyone. How to determine the popularity of topics, select tags for the video and the channel, what services to use I described in great detail in the article “Tags for Youtube: the secrets of successful YouTube”.