How to get youtube subscribers free?

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Every month, we get at least a dozen letters from music friends asking questions about how to become popular on YouTube. we can not say that I’m a super-expert on YouTube-promotion, but we did a lot in this direction when working on Chromatic. At the time of writing, we have over 1 million views, and I’ve worked on channels of friends who have more than 50 million views.

In the course of this work, we realized what to do and what not to do. If you want to get money and fame quickly and without difficulty, then my advice is unlikely to help you. But if your goal is to build a solid community for your music, follow the tips below and a million views are just around the corner!

1. You just need to start

The biggest obstacle to success in any business is to think up your own reasons to not do anything. Just by starting to act and withdrawing your first video right after you finish reading the last letter of this article, you will go further than 95% of people. Everyone talks a lot, but does little. So start today.

First, just shoot a video on any topic and upload it to YouTube. Do not think about quality at first, otherwise you will put it all on and on. You can even not open public access, if you do not want to. Throw off the link to a few friends, let them at least appreciate it. Now you just need to understand the mechanism and get rid of the desire to do everything “later”.


There’s a misconception about YouTube: “we need a cool video, it will shoot and I’m a star!”. we ll, then spend a lot of money and time, and make one fantastic video. Now put it. And How? Nothing? Too bad, now you decide that YouTube “does not work” or it’s “not for you.” Even if you assume an incredibly optimistic scenario, you noticed bloggers, major publications and gave you a link-you have 100,000 views, and about a thousand subscribers. Great. But can you repeat this?

The reality is that 100,000 views and 1000 subscribers do not make you a Youtube star. And if you take into account the fact that every minute on YouTube loads more than 100 hours of video, then your chance to achieve this result is approximately 1 / 1,000,000.

This myth is dangerous, because it forces you to concentrate not on those things, and you spend a lot of time coming up with something creative, instead of “conquering” your territory gradually and systematically, educating dedicated fans. The only way to create a successful channel on YouTube (at least without extensive radio and TV rotations) is to constantly and systematically produce videos gradually increasing their quality.

Select the day of the week when you will release a new video. Take yourself 30-60 minutes to shoot the material. Do not count on hundreds of thousands of views from the beginning. Set a goal for the beginning, at least in 50 views of each video. And move up. How to build up the audience, we ‘ll talk later.


Your videos do not have to be of professional quality. However, you should do everything you can to make the picture look nice. Here are some simple tips on this topic:

Do not sign up in a dirty bedroom, please! Choose a place that looks nice. we ll, or at least neutral. All attention should be focused on you, and not on a pile of scattered things in your room (or, worse, to the carpet in the background)
For starters, you can use a laptop or phone camera. Believe me, this will be enough. When you have extra money, first of all buy a microphone. Go to the nearest music store and select that condenser microphone that you can buy for your money
If you are a performer of instrumental music, it’s good to have a background music on the background.

In the context of your game will look much more interesting

Many authors on YouTube first record audio, and then synchronize the video with it. Perhaps you will prefer another sequence, the main thing is to optimize your work and do everything most effectively
If you do not know how to mount a video, then it would be nice to learn to do this, even at a basic level. Of course, you can always attract a person from outside who will edit and edit your videos